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Location: Cairo/Aswan/Luxor
Price: Start From $1320Hot Deal : Start From $1015


Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights


An excellent deal, this special offer is great value for your money. This 8-day tour will have you sailing on board a 5* cruise boat from Aswan to Luxor, a stay in a 5* hotel in Cairo plus a very enjoyable ride on the sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor to Cairo. All fees to the sites are included most of which are not in our packages, such as the special tour to Beit el Sehemy and the Gayer Anderson House. The 3 days spent on the cruise boat include all meals, entrance fees, tour guides and transfers as well. No hidden fees are in this offer so you can sit back and relax and not worry about a single extra expense. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Tour starts every Wednesday.
Special All-inclusive package
Itinerary might slightly change due to sailing schedules of the cruise line.



Price Start From $1015 / Person instead off $1320
Duration 8 Days / 7 Nights



Day 1   Cairo         Arrival – Welcome to the Land of the Pharaohs!
Day 2  Cairo         Full day Pyramids tour – Overnight sleeper train 
Day 3   Aswan       Arrival Aswan – Visit High Dam , Philae Temple. 
Day 4   Aswan       Kom Ombo Temple 
Day 5   Aswan       Edfu Temple – Sail to Luxor – Visit Luxor Temple by night
Day 6   Luxor        West Bank and KarnakTemples – Overnight on board train 
Day 7   Cairo         Full Day City Tour – Overnight Cairo 
Day 8   Cairo         Departure



Pyramids, Nile cruise, Aswan, Abu Simbel, Luxor and Karnak Temples, Egyptian Museum.


  • – Meet, greet and assist upon arrival at Cairo Airport.
  • – Pick up service from Cairo Airport to hotel
  • – Full Tour briefing by Lady Egypt Tour Guide
  • – 1 night stay at hotel in Pyramids Area – Cairo
  • – 1 night on board 1st class sleeper train to Aswan
  • – 3 nights stay on board cruise Aswan / Luxor
  • – 1 night on board 1st class sleeper train to Cairo
  • – 1 night stay at hotel in Pyramids Area – Cairo
  • – Daily breakfast starting second day
  • – 3 lunches and dinners on board cruise
  • – 2 dinners on board sleeper train
  • – 2 dinners at hotel in Cairo
  • – Mineral Water day 1 to 7
  • – English-speaking professional tour guide –
  • – Entrance fees to all sights on itinerary
  • – Daily mineral water during your stay in Cairo during tours
  • – Wipes
  • – Applied taxes and service charges
  • – 24/7 emergency number


  • – Entry visa
  • – International flight from / to Cairo.
  • – Domestic flight upgrade (Cairo / Aswan – Luxor/ Cairo)
  • – Peak Period Supplement.
  • – Tipping gratuity
  • – Personal expenses/
  • – Additional tours / entry in the Pyramids or Mummies room/ any other unlisted items.


Day 1 (Welcome to the Land of the Pharaohs)

Welcome to Egypt! Upon arrival our representative will meet you at arrivals to help you through customs and transfer you to your hotel in Cairo. Relax and enjoy the rest of your day. Dinner is included at your hotel as per arrival time.

Overnight at hotel close to the Pyramids. 

Day 2 (Pyramids, Memphis and Saqqara)

Today is the day you will be exploring Egypt’s main attraction: The Great Pyramid of Giza. For over 3000 years, Khufu better known as Cheops, was the tallest man-made structure in the world. It certainly is the only survivor of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. Our expert guide will tell you all about the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Solar Boat and then its on to visit Memphis and Saqqara, where you will see the first pyramid built in Egypt, Djoser’s Step Pyramid constructed in 2648 BC. by then the timing will be the perfect for you to experience your first taste of Egyptian cuisine. Lunch will be at a local restaurant in the vicinity. Later-on we will take you to the train station to board the sleeper train to Aswan. Overnight in 1st class sleeper train. (All meals included)

 Day 3 (Aswan)

Enjoy breakfast on board the train and upon arrival to Aswan we will take you for a short sail across the river that will bring you to Agilkia Island where the Temple of Philae dedicated to the goddess Isis is located. Originally, the Temple was situated near the First Cataract of the Nile river. However, due to the building of the Dam and the flooding of Lake Nasser, the Temple had to be rescued and moved to a higher location, hence its present perch. We will then proceed to the High Dam and visit this masterpiece of modern engineering. It was built to protect the city from the floods of the overflowing banks of the river, to generate hydroelectricity and irrigate agricultural fields. After a lovely sundowner, do go and explore Aswan’s multicolored souk. Overnight on-board cruise ship. (All meals included)

Day 4 (Optional tour to Abu Simbel, Kom Ombo)

A trip to majestic site of Abu Simbel is just amazing. By bus, the trip takes approximately 3 and half hours. The 3 temples were constructed in commemoration of Ramses II ‘s tactical victory at the Battle of Kadesh in 1274BC.


Sail to Kom Ombo and visit the temple which was dedicated to Sobek and Horus. However, some of their family members were part of the dedication as well. The southern side of the temple was not just dedicated to Sobek, god of fertility, but also to Hathor, goddess of love and joy and to Khonso, god of the moon.

Sail on to Edfu. Overnight on board. (All meals included)

 Day 5 (Edfu, Luxor)

We visit the temple of Horus located on the West bank of the Nile in Edfu, an incredibly well-preserved monument to one of Ancient Egypt’s most important deities. Horus was the child of Isis and Osiris, depicted with the head and often the body of a falcon. He was the ruler of the skies and the deity of the Pharaohs.

We will then set sail to Luxor and have a nightly visit of the temple. Overnight on board. (All meals included)

Day 6 (Karnak Temple and West bank in Luxor)

Before the sun rises to its zenith, you might like to go on different kind of adventure and look down upon the city from a hot air balloon.

Get an early start to avoid the noon time heat of the West bank. Disembark and head to the Valley of the Kings. Only 15 tombs are open to the public, amongst them those of Tutankhamun, Thutmoses III, Ramses I and Seti II. Walk with the spirits of those departed Kings and Queens and feel them flowing around you with the breeze at your back.

On the way you will pass by the village of the ancient workers at Deir al Madina, where the Temple of Medinet Habu was dedicated to Ramses III and you will see the massive twin statues widely known as the Colossi of Memnon depicting the Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Then we will move on to the Valley of the Queens and explore the colonnaded mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, where you can learn the tale of the divine birth of the first female Pharaoh.

Hold on though, we are not done: we have included a visit to the Karnak complex and some extra relaxation time before the trip back to Cairo on board the sleeper train. Overnight on-board sleeper-train to Cairo. (All meals included)

Day 7 (Cairo)

After breakfast on board the train, arrival in Cairo at 8 am. You will now enjoy a whole day of discovery starting with the Egyptian Museum. It is a treasure trove of artifacts dating back to the Pharaohs, awe inspiring jewels, mummies and objects. Afterwards you will visit the Gayer-Anderson Museum named after an early 20th century British doctor, John Gayer-Anderson, who restored the two 16th century buildings that now house the museum’s collection. He decorated the rooms in variety of styles, filling them with objects from his travels, including objects from Iran, Turkey and Egyptian artifacts. Moreover, he added a collection of paintings and drawings by 20th century artists. Let us add that the building was also featured in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

Then on to visit the El Sehemy House, an old Ottoman era museum. It was originally built in 1648 by Abdel Wahab al Tablawy along the Darb al Asfar Road, a very prestigious and expensive area Medieval Cairo.

Moving onward, we will go to the Citadel of Saladin, which,situated in the Muqqatam Hills dominates the city of Cairo. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant and then you will have some time to amble along the narrow streets of Khan el Khalili, Cairo’s most famous bazaar. From there, we can visit the El Khyamya “Tent Makers” bazaar. Then its back to the hotel. Overnight at Cairo hotel. (All meals included)

Day 8 (Departure)

Ma al salama. We wish you safe travel.Pack up your most wonderful moments and get ready to ride to the airport after breakfast.